A Look at Custom Fitting

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It’s rising in popularity but there’s still some reservation in the golfing community around the topic of getting Custom or dynamically fit. If you’re one of the skeptics, here are my Top 10 reasons to give it a shot: One of the biggest objections to Custom fitting is the golfer’s preoccupation with its price. Clubs are always going to be one of the largest proportional expenditures as part of your hobby, so the additional cost of Custom fit clubs doesn’t add up to much of a relative increase. Golfers who were early on the uptake with custom fitting are likely to have actually saved money as they are less likely to experience the expensive trial and error of buying clubs or getting an inadequate static fitting ever again. The technology that’s used to analyze your swing is certainly costly but the service needn’t be, and usually, if you’re happy enough to buy your custom club on the day, your golf center will deduct the cost of the fitting session from your new club.

Once you’ve got the club in your hands, you ought to start seeing improvements immediately. As with any sport, practicing your technique with inadequate equipment will eventually ingrain bad habits into your swing. This isn’t even your fault, but as you subconsciously compensate for misaligned clubs you’re worsening your balance and accuracy with better clubs. Poor accuracy is one of the worst penalties conferred by poorly fit clubs. If you’re non-too experienced, you could be slicing, pushing, gaining too high a trajectory or too low a velocity and you may not even know why. Worse still, you might be paying for expensive tuition to fix a problem that’s not of your causation. The fact of the matter is, you can have a variety of symptoms but the root is most often your club, and the cure is a custom fitter who considers every one of the appropriate variables and tailors them to you accordingly.

In addition to the accuracy improvements, much is said of the impact a custom fit driver can have on your distance. This is one of  those factors that marketers can have a field day with. Sales campaigns can be headed with: 40% Further Distance It is a possibility; perhaps with a couple of individuals, under extreme test conditions wherein the original clubs were woefully fit. It’s very likely you’ll see an improvement in drive distance but realistically, 10-15% is what your improvement’s going to be.

So far, these readjustments of your technique will benefit your game in a strictly finite manner. Perhaps the best attribute of a dynamically fitted club is how it can imbue you with confidence. Knowing your club is right for you means that pre-swing, you’re free to be entirely in the moment; you needn’t be mindful of closing your face-angle to prevent that slice, or prepare to hold back your swing to prevent over-arching. This allows you to play the mental game and win at it. And, somewhat more banally, in addition to the mental edge you gain is the feeling you get when you know a club suits you, choosing precisely how it looks as part of the fitting is definitely an added bonus.

Practically however, a club does play an important role in the so called ‘mental game’. Tailored equipment can potentially eliminate the chance of those unfortunate occurrences that happen for so many reasons. A thorough examination of your swing means the many, little technical imperfections will be gradually ironed out of your game. If you are prone to exaggerated twists, howling and inconsistent grips, you’re at a higher likelihood of incurring injuries, making it even more important to match up with the proper equipment. The additional effort you have to put in to a swing with a bad club puts your body under unnecessary strain. Hips, wrists and shoulders are at risk if your club is too heavy, if your shaft too long or your grip too short. A good fitter ought to make comfort a priority so you don’t stall and suffer for your passion. With the injury rate for golf for casuals at a ridiculous 60% over the course of a year, it makes absolute sense that this aspect of the game ought to be taken more seriously. Losing a month or two in recovery is expensive time-wasting when you factor in membership fees!

You’ve probably realized by now that all these smaller benefits are actually leading into a pretty big one. The theory of marginal gains might sound complicated, but this simple strategy is utilized by some of the world’s top athletes. Basically, it is about accumulating slight improvements in your game. The perfect club for you should do all that we have mentioned so far, and the value of these improvements combined is greater than when considered individually. It is of course, you who’s responsible for managing your improvements, but it is your club that is the conduit between you and the game. By maximizing this factor you will catalyze the rate of those smaller improvements.

Contrary to the last point, custom fitting is actually very straightforward and it’s literally as easy as hitting your drive. Sophisticated technology and the expert fitters do the leg work while all you’ve got to do is knock the ball down range. It can take about a week for the engineers to create and customize the club exactly how you intended and then, you’ll be ready to go.

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 A Look at Custom Fitting
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