Enemies of the Tiger

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Top personalities that have run afoul of golf’s most popular figure

Record-breaking performances. One of the highest-paid athletes of this generation. A celebrated sports personality holding the title as one of the most successful golfers of all time. Everyone knows a bit of Tiger Woods – not just us golf shop owners and golf enthusiasts but almost the entire world. Or is it really everyone? Mind you, there’s this interesting thing that you might not know about the most popular figure of golf. We’ve listed the top names that were linked in conflict with Woods throughout his career, for at least a single issue or more.

President Clinton

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Way back 2007 shortly after Tiger Woods won the Masters by an amazing 12-shot record, he received a letter of invitation from US president Clinton to a commemoration of Jackie Robinson’s 50th anniversary, the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. The event which was held at Shea Stadium also included a round of golf. But Woods refused to attend both. His indicative statement became a buzz that time. That’s when he responded: “Why didn’t Mr. Clinton invite me before the Masters?” As soon as I won, he invited me. If he wanted me there, I think it would have been best if he would have asked me before the Masters with all the other athletes that were involved.”

Vijay Singh

The rivalry of these two golfers was a matter of record stealing. It can be remembered that Singh kept Woods from a calendar Grand Slam in 2000 by winning the Masters for his second major championship. Just before the Presidents Cup where the two had a match. Singh’s caddie, Paul Tesori was seen wearing a cap containing stitch that reads “Tiger Who?” Singh drew the attention of many by answering “I don’t know where he got that hat, but I said, “Why not?” Tiger’s surprising reply was this: “He won the match, 2 and 1.”

Sergio Garcia

Certainly, there’s this negative thing about competition especially when both parties are striving for the same record. The mutual disdain between Sergio and Tiger sprung up during the 2013 Players Championship – but the hatred between the two has been steaming furtively for about 13 years. The reason: bruised egos. And the feud became more intense when Garcia spilled out his “fried chicken joke” during an awards dinner a week later, a thing that sounds racially insensitive.

David Eger

Receiving an unexpected call from a viewer like David Eger is truly an uncommon but defining moment for a golf event. This was the actual circumstance that might have placed Woods to a disqualification regarding his improper drop on the second round of 2013 tournament. Due to Eger’s call to the Masters, the committee initially reviewed and dismissed the violation, giving Woods a escape to only get a two-shot penalty. However, Eger is an image of a swelling population of TV viewers who can change tournaments with just a simple phone call.

Hank Haney

It’s hard to break a relationship that have existed for years, through thick and thin. Yet, Hank Haney got rid of this truth. He’s the instructor who helped shepherd the famous golfer to six major titles from 2005 to 2008. But in 2010 he abruptly resigned as Wood’s coach leaving his star pupil out of favor. After his immediate resignation, he wrote a tell-all book that reveals their teamwork with Woods. The book entitled The Big Miss clarified the tawdry details that linked to Wood’s sex scandal, but still described the golfer as immature, self-centered, and easily sidetracked.

Brandel Chamblee

Nothing’s sharper than a critic. Woods might easily forgive his opponents on course, but hearing consistent and outspoken statements from a golf analyst is something below the belt. In recent years, Brandel Chamblee have used to citing flaws in Wood’s games. In his column in Golf.com, Chamblee used the words “a little cavalier with the rules” taking on Wood’s character, a euphemistic description strongly implying the word “cheater”. However, Chamblee has expressed his apology in his column since the news erupted.

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