How Should You Hit Your Long Irons?

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Hitting long Irons is arguably one of the hardest things in golf. Even some pros. have difficult times being consistent with their long iron shots. There is a lot of information out there trying to explain how we should be hitting our long irons. Most of which are confusing and are frankly to analytical for most amateur golfers. Keep it simple is my motto, Some would say “you need to have a sweeping swing for your long irons and you need to hit down on your short irons”. OK, that sounds easy, Right? So if we are using a 9 iron then we need to hit down on the ball and if we are using a 3 iron we should have more of a sweeping swing (or more rounded swing). Meanwhile, what do we do with the remaining clubs in the middle (4-8 irons). Do we need to have a different swing for each club in our bag? As you can see, this can get very confusing and confusion leads to inconsistencies.

While there might be some of the players on tour that put their clubs in long iron (sweeping) category and their short irons in a (hit down) category. I would venture to say that most of them are not thinking this way at all. They are more than likely just using the same swing with every club and using the clubs built in loft and club shaft length to determine the balls flight path. If you are hitting all your clubs the same way the clubs will do what they were designed to do. Longer shafted clubs will sweep more than shorter shafted clubs.

So, if you want to be consistent with all your clubs, irons and woods. Use the same swing with every club not 13 different swings. Worry more about the basics of the swing and how to address the golf ball or how you position yourself to the ball with different clubs.

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