Planning a Guys’ Golf Weekend

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The guys want to get together for a weekend. Maybe it’s the high school reunion or just a great excuse to get away from the pressures of work and family. Or maybe one of your friends has hit a rough patch in his life and needs a pick-me-up. Whatever the reason, a golf weekend is the perfect way to bring them all together and encourage a bit of friendly competition. If you’re in charge of planning the weekend, check out Farmington, NM golf courses and their supporting businesses for great rates and a good time.

Feeding the Hungry

If there is one thing all guys love it’s a good meal. Don’t pick a restaurant with high prices and tiny servings. You’ve got to find a good BBQ joint or a Mexican place that serves plate-sized burritos smothered in cheese. Something happens to guys when they get a plate full of hot and spicy food in front of them they smile. Eating with the guys is liberating as well. They don’t care if you lick your fingers or dribble BBQ sauce down your chin. And while you’re there, you don’t have to set a good table example for the kids. That first dinner is key to getting everyone to relax and be themselves for the rest of the weekend.

Lots of Golf

This is a golf weekend so you’re going to need to plan at least 18 holes on Saturday. Take a lunch break and then hit another 18 in the afternoon. It’s also a good idea to line up the club pro for a couple hours. Each guy can take a few minutes and get some instruction and then spend time on the driving range. This is a great way to improve your game. Maybe your long-distance putting stinks or you always shank the drive. A club pro can help your straighten things out and learn to read the green. If anyone is sticking around for Sunday morning you can offer another 18 then. There’s something about being out on the course, giving each other a hard time and making bets that melts stress away. It doesn’t change your life completely but it makes getting back to life manageable.

Down Time

You can’t play hard all weekend at a Farmington, NM golf course and expect to feel recharged. You’ll also need some down time. Perhaps the best option is to schedule massages for late Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning before everyone splits up. A massage therapist can work out all the sore muscles from the golf as well as the tension that still remains from life outside of the guys’ weekend. You may not even realize how tense you’ve been until you really try to relax. Many men carry stress in their back or neck muscles and become used to it over time even though it constantly wears on them. Whatever the reason you all want to get together you should make the most of your time. That way, when it’s time to head home you’re ready to get back to the job, the house, and the kids with a smile.

 Planning a Guys’ Golf Weekend
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