The Fried Egg

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bunker shot 300x238 The Fried Egg

This week’s tip is a technique used for a ball plugged in a bunker (“fried egg”). I figure this tip will come in handy with our members and guests here at Blue Devil Golf Club, apparently we have more than a few bunkers on the course. There is nothing worse than rolling up on a bunker and finding your ball plugged in the side of a bunker or even in the bottom of the bunker. Here is a neat trick to try to help get the ball out of the bunker on the first attempt.

To pull this shot off properly you have to think of putting the club completely opposite of that for a flop shot. When attempting a “Phil Mickelson” flop shot you open the clubface to the utmost extreme. When attempting to hit a fried egg golf ball from the lip of a bunker you need to close the clubface completely. This means the heel of the club and back of the shaft are facing upwards. This will allow the toe to dig into the sand first and rotate the clubface open, causing the club to scoop the sand with the golf ball out of the “fried egg” lie. You still need to take an aggressive swing at the ball, hitting about 1-1.5 inches behind the ball and make sure to follow through completely. Even though you feel like you are scooping the ball you still are swinging down at it – you are just hitting behind the ball and allowing the sand to blast the ball out of the bunker.

An easy way to help adjust for this is to dig your feet into the sand to lower the bottom point of your swing. Do not choke down like you usually would. Use the full club length to dig into the sand.

We hope you don’t have too many of these during your round

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